Better Days

Unrated | 135 min |

Director: Derek Tsang

Nian is trying to get into shape for the state Gaokao exam. Her chances of getting a spot at university depend on her score and the constant bullying of her classmates is not helping much. Bei’s world is the street, with all its dark corners. A night-time encounter brings the shy schoolgirl together with the street-savvy trickster, Bei. When Nian’s school nemesis turns up dead, the new allies come under suspicion.


Chen Nian

Zhou Dongyu

Xiao Bei

Jackson Yee

Lao Yang

Huang Jue

Zheng Yi

Yin Fang

Zhou Lei

Wu Yue

Wei Lai

Zhou Ye


BETTER DAYS (2019) Official Trailer 2 | Jackson Yee & Zhou Dongyu Romance Drama